As a professional service provider, M-Square stands for high quality services — provided by senior people with solid SW engineering background. We take great pride in our craft and offer holistic solutions to specific problems for our clients. M-Square was founded in 2011 by Matthias Matook.  Read more about our history

Matthias Matook

Matthias Matook

CTO / Managing Director

Matthias is the managing director at M-SQUARE Pty Ltd.

Previously, Matthias was Architect and CTO, working with clients like Bigpond, Telstra and News Digital Media (a NewsCorp Australia subsidiary) and many others.

Matthias spent the last decade delivering 30+ multi-million dollar projects in four continents to large international organizations. Matthias is focused on efficient and reliable distributed data storage and computing. He likes to work with innovative technologies and is always looking for talented people who like to work with him on challenging projects.

In his roles as CTO and Enterprise Architect he is helping clients in strategic EA decisions, establishes EA frameworks and aligns IT to business directives. On a technical level Matthias has a strong record in international large scale integration projects and has published in the IEEE Software Journal.

Interest and Specialities

Large scale architecture and design of HA applications in the banking, Telco, health care, online media and semiconductor sector using Terracotta, Tibco, SOA, JMS, Oracle, Mainframe, HP-UX, on Sun, Linux and Windows platforms. Designs supporting High Concurrency, HA (High Availability), within distributed environments — nationally, internationally and inter-continental.

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