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We’re heading to Pasadena this week for SCALE 14x – see you there?

If you are coming, make sure to stop by booth #712 to say hi to the Docker team! We also have several talks (and a few exciting secret announcements!) at the conference – below is our list of talks to attend at SCALE 14x.

Thursday, January 21 at 18:30 at Cisco

Docker LA Meetup: Swarm and Secret Announcements for SCALE X14

Join us for the next Docker LA Meetup hosted by Cisco. Jérôme Petazzoni, Docker Tinkerer Extraordinaire, will first speak about Data Orchestration and then we will have a secret speaker discuss an exciting announcement. We wish we could tell you more but you do not want to miss this news!

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Friday, January 22 at 14:30 in Room 103

Advanced Docker concepts and container orchestration

with Jérôme Petazzoni, Docker Tinkerer Extraordinaire

In this workshop, we will show how to build a distributed application with Docker Compose. In true microservices style, our sample code will use multiple different languages: Python, Ruby, Node.js … Then we will show how to run this application on a cluster, using Docker Swarm as our resource scheduler. The cluster will be provisioned with Docker Machine. We will discuss service discovery, load balancing, and show how to implement those patterns with simple tools. We will also present the networking model of containers, and how to run containerized applications spanning multiple Docker hosts. On the “ops” side, we will give recipes to implement cleanly ops tasks like logging, backups, and more. This will be hands-on: we will provide sample code and we will run it on actual clusters. You won’t need to pre-install Docker before the course: each student will be given credentials to connect to an individual cluster of virtual machines. So all you need is a computer with a SSH client!

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Sunday, January 24 at 13:30 in Ballroom B

Devopsing the Operating System

with John Willis, Evangelist at Docker, Inc.

In 2009, at O’Reilly’s Velocity, was the first time I had heard the phrase Infrastructure as Code (IAC). In fact in 2010, I was the first person to present Chef at Scale8x. At that time we talked a lot about IAC and Just Enough Operating System (JeOS) as a model to deliver cloud like compute infrastructure. Fast forward 5 years to 2015 and we started seeing an abundance of discussions around purposeful operating systems created in the form of container images. Now in 2016 we are starting to see more and more discussions around Unikernels and very specific purpose compiled operating systems. This presentation will take a brief look at the history of how Devops principles and Operating Systems have converged. We will spend most of the time forward looking at what and how Unikernels will converge with Devops tools, processes and culture. We will end the discussion with a cool demo of how containers, unikernels and Devops ideas can work together in the future.

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