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November is packed with plenty of great events including over 75 Docker Global Mentor Week local events to learn all about Docker! This global event series aims to provide Docker training to both newcomers and intermediate Docker users. More advanced users will have the opportunity to get involved as mentors to further encourage connection and collaboration within the community. Check out the list of confirmed events below to see if there is one happening near you. Make sure to check back as we’ll be updating this list as more events are announced.

Want to help us organize a Mentor Week training in your city? Email us at [email protected] for more information!


From webinars to workshops, meetups to conference talks, check out our list of events that are coming up in November!

Official Docker Training Courses

View the full schedule of instructor led training courses here!

Introduction to Docker:

This is a two-day, on-site or classroom-based training course which introduces you to the Docker platform and takes you through installing, integrating, and running it in your working environment.

Nov 15-16: Introduction to Docker with Amazic –  Nieuw-Vennep, The Netherlands

Nov 24-25: Introduction to Docker with Docker Captain Benjamin Wootton – London, United Kingdom

Docker Administration and Operations:

The Docker Administration and Operations course consists of both the Introduction to Docker course, followed by the Advanced Docker Topics course, held over four consecutive days.

Nov 15-18: Docker Administration and Operations with Amazic – Nieuw-Vennep, The Netherlands

Nov 15-18: Docker Administration and Operations with TREEPTIK – Aix en Provence, France

Nov 15-18: Docker Administration and Operations with Vizuri – Washington, D.C.

Nov 21-24: Docker Administration and Operations with Hopla! Software – Lisbon, Portugal

Nov 22-25 11-15: Docker Administration and Operations with TREEPTIK – Paris, France

Nov 29 – Dec 2: Docker Administration and Operations with TEEPTIK – Montreal, Canada

Advanced Docker Operations:

This two day course is designed to help new and experienced systems administrators learn to use Docker to control the Docker daemon, security, Docker Machine, Swarm, and Compose.

Nov 9-10: Advanced Docker Operations with Alter Way – St Cloud, France

Nov 17-18:  Advanced Docker Operations with Amazic  Nieuw-Vennep, The Netherlands


Nov 9th: Introduction to InfraKit

While working on Docker for AWS and Azure, we realized the need for a standard way to create and manage infrastructure state that was portable across any type of infrastructure, from different cloud providers to on-prem. One challenge is that each vendor has differentiated IP invested in how they handle certain aspects of their cloud infrastructure. It is not enough to just provision five servers; what IT ops teams need is a simple and consistent way to declare the number of servers, what size they should be, and what sort of base software configuration is required.

Nov 11th: Docker Talk at CheConf16

Che provides a new way to package up a workspace so that it is reproducible and portable. This packaging is possible due to Docker with their descriptive runtimes. This introductory session will introduce you to what Docker is about and how Che uses Docker to represent workspaces, it’s server, it’s launcher, a variety of build utilities. You can even use Docker and Compose to build complex multi machine workspaces.

Nov 16th:  Docker Datacenter Demo

In this live presentation you will learn about our Docker Datacenter commercial solution and how it enables enterprise application teams to embrace cloud strategies, application modernization and DevOps. We will then show a live demo of the solution and host a QA session at the end.


Nov 4th: DOCKER MEETUP AT EYEO GMBH – Koln, Germany

Docker Introduction for Developers.

Nov 7th: DEVOXX BELGIUM – Antwerp, Belgium

Docker is at Devoxx! Join Docker’s Richard Mortier, Justin Cormack & Patrick Chanezon and Docker Captain Phil Estes for the latest Docker updates and deep dives.

Nov 7th: VELOCITY AMSTERDAM – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Docker’s Amir Chaundhry will discuss unikernels in his Programming IoT talk and Jérôme Petazzoni will deliver a two-day training on Deployment and orchestration at scale with Docker. Docker Captain Adrian Mouat will deliver a tutorial on Docker and Microservices Security.

Nov 9th: DOCKER MEETUP AT DIE ZENTRALE – Frankfurt, Germany

Secrets of Docker Swarm mode.

Nov 14th: GOTO BERLIN – Berlin, Germany

Join Docker Captain Adrian Mouat for Container and Microservices Security.

Nov 15th: CONTAINERCONF 2016 – Mannheim, Germany

Docker Captain Philipp Garbe will cover deploying Docker on AWS and Docker Captain Dieter Reuter will speak about IoT and Docker.

Nov 15th: DEVOPSPRO MOSCOW – Moscow, Russia

Docker Captain Viktor Farcic will be speaking.

Nov 29th: DOCKER MEETUP AT LEINELAB E.V. – Hannover, Germany

Join us for the next Docker Hannover meetup!

Nov 29th – Dec 1st: HPE Discover 2016 London – London, GB

We had a great time at Discover 2016 North America and are returning for a second time to Discover 2016 in London! Check us out for in-depth demos at booth #208.



Come join us for a two hour Docker Orchestration workshop at Barcamp Saigon by Docker Captain and Organizer Vincent De Smet.

Nov 16th: LET’S MEETUP AND VIEW DOCKER IN ACTION! – Colombo, Sri Lanka

A presentation on the Docker basics with a demo by Sanjeewa Alwis from Pearson.

North America 

Nov 3rd: CONTAINER DAYS NYC 2016 – New York City, NY

Container Days NYC features Docker Captain Shawn Bower leading an Orchestrating Containers workshop and Docker Captain Francisco Souza delivering Growing Up With Docker: How Docker and Tsuru Have Evolved.

Nov 7th: IMPACT – La Jolla, CA

Mike Coleman from Docker and Docker Captain Kendrick Coleman will be speaking


Docker Container Application Security Deep Dive by Tsvi Korren as well as talks by Ken Cochrane from Docker and Robert Desjarlais.


For this month, we’re hosting AWS Solutions Architect Peter Dalbhanjan to talk about Microservices and ECS!

Nov 28th – Dec 2nd: AWS re:Invent 2016 – Las Vegas, NV

We’re looking forward to another great year at re:Invent in Las Vegas! This time, Docker is outfitted with a larger, custom booth and your chance of scoring even cooler swag. Come see us at #622 inside re:Invent Central.


Sophia Parafina from Docker will share how to build and ship apps with Node.js and Docker.

Nov 29th: AMAZON WEB SERVICES – San Mateo, CA

An overview of some of the key concepts inside the service running Docker as the base run time meaning that everything run in EC2 is a Docker image.

South America

GOPHERCON BR – Florianópolis-SC, Brazil

Nov 5th: Docker Captain Marcos Nils will share how to deploy Golang apps with Docker


Nov 7th: DOCKER MEETUP AT CATALYST IT – Wellington, New Zealand

We’d like to kick things off again with meetings on the first Monday of every month. Our next scheduled meeting is the 7th of November.

Nov 17th: DOCKER MEETUP AT CCI – Noumea, New Caledonia

Presentation of the Docker Meetup Noumea introduction to Docker by Mathieu Filotto, software architect and trainer and Meetup Organizer of Docker Noumea. Session: Microsoft Windows Server 2016 and Azure – Micro services and Containers by Siddick Elaheebocus, Mauritian origin, consultant and trainer specializing in Microsoft technologies and computer security SPILOG in New Caledonia and French Polynesia.

Nov 24th: DOCKER MEETUP AT CCI – Noumea, New Caledonia

Join our November meetup!


Nov 2nd: DEVOXX MOROCCO – Casablanca, Morocco

Join Docker Captain Nicolas De loof at Devoxx Morocco to learn about Containers’ Jungle. Docker, Rocket, RunC, LXD … WTF? and how to Pimp your CI/CD with Docker-pipeline.

Nov 7th: DEVOPS DAYS CAPE TOWN 2016 – Cape Town, South Africa

Join Docker Captain Tim Haak in Cape Town, South Africa to learnabout Docker 1.12 and The Simplicity of Docker Swarm.

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