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Twas the night before “go live” and everyone knew,
If the code didn’t work, their careers would be through.
The code was reviewed and load tests were started,
Every metric was precisely charted.

The results came back and they were relieved,
For all of their functional goals were achieved.
Only one final approval to put it in prod,
The manager signed off and gave it a nod.

The final milestone passed, the end was in sight,
The new code will be loaded on this very night.
The files were moved and servers rebooted,
How critical this was, no one disputed.

The servers were up, the new version alive,
The developer got a well-earned high five.
But all of them knew of the test on the way,
The real end users, the very next day.

A voice shouted out trembling with fear,
“It’s 8:00am…the users are here!”
Screens flickered on, the work day had started,
Bringing the app to territories uncharted.

That’s when it happened, their nightmare came true,
All the phones ringing, not just a few.
“It’s broken, it’s slow”….the end users exclaimed
IT was speechless and feeling ashamed.

Fingers were pointed with language explicit,
Till somebody shouted “so, how do we fix it?.
The manager looked up with a serious face,
“There’s only one thing to do, we call Dynatrace”.

The Rockstars arrived, with laptops in hand,
Reports were created and metrics were scanned.
“We found the issue” Dynatrace cried,
The manager jumped up, mouth open wide.

“We know that your team all had its theories,
But look at this screen, it’s these 4 SQL queries.
Get rid of the * and add this new string,
We guarantee that’ll fix everything”

The developers ran off to make all the changes,
The manager handled financial exchanges.
IT was full of smiles and cheers,
“Thank you Dynatrace, you saved our careers.”

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