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At Docker, we believe the best insights come from the developers and IT pros using the Docker platform every day. Since the launch of Docker Enterprise Edition, we learned three things from our customers.

  1. First, a top goal in enterprise IT is to deliver value to customers (internal business units or external clients)…and to do so fast.
  2. Second, most enterprises believe that Docker is at the center of their IT platform.
  3. Finally, most enterprises’ biggest challenge is moving their containerized applications to production in time to prove value. My DockerCon talk focused on addressing the third item, which seems to be a critical one for many of our customers.

In our recent customer engagements, we’ve seen a pattern of common challenges when designing and deploying Docker in an enterprise environment. Particularly, customers are struggling to find best practices to speed up their move to production. To address some of these common challenges, we put together a production readiness checklist ( for Docker Enterprise Edition. This list was discussed thoroughly during my DockerCon EU 2017 session. Here’s a video of that talk:

I go through 10 key topics (shown below) that a typical enterprise should  go through when deploying Docker in production. For each topic, I go over guidelines and best practices that we learned from past deployments, and from using Docker Enterprise Edition ourselves at Docker to run our SaaS applications like Docker Hub and Store.

Docker Operations

Although each customer has a unique set of goals and challenges reaching them,  at Docker we aim to produce a set of helpful resources in the form of checklists, reference architectures, and technical solutions to help you with your journey to run Docker in production. Head over to to see for yourself!

To learn more about Docker Enterprise Edition:

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