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In today’s world, applications are the lifeblood of your business. When problems arise, reactive troubleshooting is no longer good enough. You can take control with 24/7 visibility into applications and cloud platform, even in the most demanding and dynamic environments. With OpenStack monitoring from Dynatrace, you get a single pane of glass that gives you deep insights into OpenStack and allows for taming unruly applications before they become problems, moving you from reactive crisis mode to proactive management.

Figure 1 OpenStack monitoring – cluster summary

Figure 1 OpenStack monitoring – cluster summary

While deploying OpenStack has become easier over the years, operating OpenStack can still be a challenge. As the OpenStack environment grows, the complexity of managing it grows with it. Getting insights into the performance of the cloud platform is mandatory; otherwise you won’t be able to uniquely identify the root cause of performance degradations. Large scale and dynamics on cluster level as well as on application level make the use of a digital performance monitoring tool inevitable.

Figure 2 VM resource utilization on a hypervisor

Figure 2 VM resource utilization on a hypervisor

Enterprise cloud platform monitoring

With our many years of enterprise experience and many happy customers, we‘re glad to provide you with a solution that serves all your needs. Dynatrace digital performance monitoring fills a gap – finally there is an enterprise solution for cloud platform monitoring that also provides insights into OpenStack.

Reduce operational costs

Don’t spend countless hours with configuration, setup, and mainte- nance of tools that pretend to help you reduce costs. Dynatrace has one agent and zero configuration. Save time and money and focus on what’s really important. Dynatrace works out-of-the-box, is configurable to your needs, and integrates with all common deployment automation mechanisms and package managers (Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Salt, Fuel, etc.).

Capacity planning

With automatic discovery of hosts, processes, services, applications, and their interdependencies, Dynatrace provides you all the information of your baseline environment and delivers supporting parameters for the appropriate sizes of your instances.

Reduce down time, increase business continuity

Know exactly how your cloud resources are utilized and streamline them in an optimal way to save money. Identify and fix problems before your customers notice – maintaining business continuity without interruptions is the key to your success.

One tool to satisfy all teams and setups

Focus your team on your core business functionalities and let Dynatrace do the monitoring. Bring your development and operations teams closer together by working with one monitoring platform. Dynatrace supports common use cases for OpenStack, no matter if you have a public cloud offering, a private cloud with projects for your business units, or even an all-in-one setup.

Cloud migration

Dynatrace provides monitoring products that make your cloud journey not only smoother, quicker, and more transparent, but also more successful, faster, and cheaper. With an intuitive and easy to read UI enhanced with Artificial Intelligence, Dynatrace provides you answers instead of data.

Seamless integration with your application environment

No matter which technology stack you build on or which container based technology you‘re using to orchestrate and manage your dynamic application environments on top of OpenStack; Dynatrace seamlessly integrates with almost all technologies out there, providing a holistic overview of your application, the technology stack, and OpenStack.

Figure 3 Excerpt of supported technologies

Figure 3 Excerpt of supported technologies

If you want to get a complete overview of all supported technologies, look here. For more detailed information about the OpenStack monitoring support of Dynatrace, check out the OpenStack monitoring page.

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