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Rollout starts 26 July 2021

With this release, the oldest supported OneAgent versions are:

Dynatrace ONE Dynatrace ONE Premium



Deprecated OneAgent startup parameter

Deprecated OneAgent startup parameter name has been removed. Use agentname instead.

New binary in Linux installer package

The oneagentmntconstat binary has been added to the OneAgent Linux installer package with all permissions and capabilities required to use it.



Starting with this release, NGINX is supported only on 64-bit platforms.

Current Dynatrace OneAgent technology support changes

Dynatrace OneAgent 1.221 is the last version to support the following technologies

  • OpenTelemetry


    for Go

  • OpenTelemetry




    for Node.js

Future Dynatrace OneAgent operating systems support changes

The following operating systems will no longer be supported starting 01 October 2021

  • Linux: Google Container-Optimized OS

    77 LTS

The following operating systems will no longer be supported starting 01 December 2021

  • Linux: Fedora


  • Windows: Windows Server


The following operating systems will no longer be supported starting 01 February 2022

  • Linux: Ubuntu


    • x86


      ARM64 (AArch64)

    • Vendor announcement
    • Last compatible Dynatrace OneAgent version: 1.225

Resolved issues

General availability (Build 1.221.127)

21 total resolved issues


  • Fixed an issue with PurePath stitching for Ning / Async HTTP Client. (ONE-60841)
  • Resolved issue causing infrequent crash during startup when the JVM isn’t fully initialized yet. (ONE-61160)


  • Improved OneAgent .NET code module visibility and stability for OWIN monitoring. (ONE-61813)
  • Improved stability of OneAgent .NET code module using ADO.NET sensor with PostgreSQL. (ONE-61642)
  • Fixed an issue which lead to application start-up crashes for .NET applications in certain circumstances. (ONE-62399)
  • Fixed an issue in which OneAgent reported incorrect percentage for the Time in GC metric for certain .NET processes. (ONE-61337)
  • Fixed an instrumentation problem involving unsupported OWIN versions (versions earlier than 3). (ONE-60955)
  • Improved OneAgent .NET code module stability for HttpClient white space in header names. (ONE-61286)


  • The OneAgent IBM Integration Bus (App Connect Enterprise) code module no longer determines server-side HTTP response codes when the corresponding message flow with the HTTP input node finishes before the HTTP reply is issued. Dynatrace may have indicated HTTP timeout errors when HTTP input and the corresponding HTTP reply were processed in different processes (execution groups), although the HTTP client request finished in time. (ONE-60868)

All modules

  • Fixed issue with enabling Go OpenTelemetry. (ONE-59885)

Infrastructure Monitoring

  • Solved problem with incorrect aggregation of StatsD gauge values. (APM-302922)
  • Fixed uninstall issue with Remote Plugin Module on extensions on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. (APM-310664)


  • zRemote can only read the user configuration file from the default directory and doesn’t take into account a custom directory specified during the installation. (ONE-61047)
  • Resolved issue in which a cluster with more than 16 server IDs was not handled properly by the zRemote and zDC code modules. (ONE-61914)
  • Extended logging around Host Groups. (ONE-60871)

OneAgent Installer

  • Fixed systemd detection logic. (APM-305649)
  • Fixed issue with dtuser account being unavailable after OneAgent reinstallation on Windows. (APM-306393)

OpenTracing Java

  • Fixed an issue in which certain z/OS memory metrics were missing when OneAgent reported to Dynatrace version 221+. (ONE-61859)
  • Fixed an issue where memory usage could increase and some service calls may be missing for certain AWS Lambda functions. (ONE-60697)

OS module

  • Resolved an issue causing a `oneagentos` process memory surge after monitoring is disabled on host. (APM-309874)
  • Changed prefix comparisons in declarative process grouping from case sensitive to case insensitive. (ONE-61665)

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