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Red Hat Summit officially kicks off tomorrow at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.  As the team and I gear up for an exciting week of conversations, presentations and networking, I want to share a few thoughts on why we at Dynatrace consider Red Hat such a strong, valued partner.

Together, we’re redefining the way microservice environments are managed and monitored

The use of microservices and containers is growing at an explosive rate, opening up huge Red Hat opportunities to scale. Dynatrace, out of the box, can automatically discover all containers running on OpenShift — giving you a real-time, full-picture view of all your connections between your containerized processes, hosts and cloud instances.

In fact, we were the first AI-powered digital performance management platform to join Red Hat’s OpenShift ecosystem. We’re now marking one year as a Red Hat OpenShift Primed Partner.

It’s about the technology… but also, the people

Over the course of the past 18 months, I’ve had the privilege of getting to know some of the great minds behind Red Hat who are influencing this new era of cloud and microservices. Chris Morgan, a Technical Director from Red Hat sat down with us during Perform 2017 to share his thoughts on what makes Dynatrace and Red Hat a powerful combination.

Chris credits the success of the Red Hat/Dynatrace partnership to two key things: a rock solid level of integration and second, Dynatrace’s machine learning capabilities. The fact that the software sees and understands performance problems and makes recommendations to solve them definitely sets us apart, he says.

And I tend to agree! And don’t forget that Dynatrace works with all OpenShift environments — private, public, shared or dedicated. This makes the experience far less scary for enterprise developers, operators, application engineers — or even hobbyists.

If you’re at the summit, be sure to check out the presentations of my Dynatrace teammates.

Tuesday, May 2nd 5:15 – 5:35pm

Dirk Wallerstorfer: “Dynatrace: Monitoring OpenStack? Piece of cake!

Thursday, May 4th 4:30 – 5:30pm

Martin Etmajer: “Challenges in a Microservices Age: Monitoring, Logging and Tracing on OpenShift

Additionally, stop by booth 141 to say hello to someone from the Dynatrace team. Hope to see you there!

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