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Jabil Enables a Global Software Supply Chain with Docker Enterprise Edition

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Jabil, one of world’s most technologically advanced manufacturing solutions provider with over 100 sites in 29 countries is embarking on a digital journey to modernize their technology infrastructure so the company is better able to deliver the right solutions at the right time to their global customer base.

Starting the Digital Journey By Modernizing .NET Apps 

As Jabil embarked on their digital journey with a cloud-first approach in mind, they investigated how to best migrate their applications to the cloud. Jabil partnered with Docker and Microsoft to leverage Docker Enterprise Edition with Windows Server 2016 and Microsoft Azure for this initiative through Docker’s Modernize Traditional Application (MTA) Program – starting with  a .NET 4.5 monitoring application to containerize.

Since completing the initial POC, Jabil has continued containerizing more applications and has started scaling their Docker Enterprise usage globally. Sujay Pillai, a Senior DevOps Engineer at Jabil, participated at DockerCon SF 2018 in June and shared with the attendees insights on how Jabil is scaling Docker Enterprise Edition.

Improving Application Security while Reducing Costs at the Edge

One growing use case for Jabil is monitoring of the manufacturing floors. Jabil uses lightweight edge devices to run the monitoring applications and use Docker Enterprise to help automate and secure the delivery of the application container image to the devices. This solution enables Jabil to automatically keep these devices up-to-date and has also helped reduced the cost of the monitoring stations from up to $500 per station, down to $50 per station, plus delivered significant energy savings.

Developer Productivity at Global Scale

To support containerization across their global technology operations, the Jabil is also using the caching features of the Docker Trusted Registry to scale globally. With sites around the world, it’s important that devices, users and developers in remote offices have access to the latest container images stored in Jabil’s master registry in Singapore. Even though the container images in use today are fairly small, as more devices and users pull images it’s important to Jabil to reduce latency and optimize their network capacity. Using the registry caching features Jabil has reduced the time it takes to pull a new image by over 60%.

Jabil is always looking for ways to optimize its operations to deliver better and faster for their customers, so the company is taking a critical look at their infrastructure and identifying places where the company can modernize or streamline to best enable their digital transformation

To learn more about Jabil’s journey, watch their DockerCon 2018 session:

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