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One of the most outstanding Dynatrace benefits is the ability to view your entire environment within Smartscape, our real-time environment-topology visualization tool. An enhancement to our existing API now enables API consumers to query the details of the relationships between the applications, services, and hosts within an environment.

Smartscape delivers a quick and efficient overview of all topological dependencies on the vertical axis while showing all ingoing/outgoing call relationships on the horizontal axis. With the latest release of Dynatrace, we’ve added a new Topology and Smartscape REST endpoint to the Dynatrace API which allows API consumers to query application, service, and host attributes, including all incoming and outgoing call relationships.

For example, a call to:


Returns a list of monitored applications within the environment along with all ingoing/outgoing call relationships with other applications and services. Here’s example output of this call:


With the new Dynatrace Topology and Smartscape API, you can quickly and automatically visualize a service map (see example below) by simply writing a few lines of JavaScript code.

Ready to try out the Topology and Smartscape API endpoint on your own? Download this Topology and Smartscape JavaScript example directly from our GitHub page.


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