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If you have seen a PurePath of your application you – like many others — were likely blown away with the diagnostics information captured: Full end-to-end method level tracing and diagnostics, from the Browser, through your application stack, all the way down to SQL. Also, performance, scalability and functional hotspot detection attained by simply installing a single library on your Java App Server, .NET CLR, PHP Engine, Nginx, Node.js, Docker Container, all of which allows you to level-up your game as a developer, architect, tester or DevOps engineer, by simply clicking a button in your app to gain full insights on what’s really going on.

Level-Up your Game: Get this visibility free for life with Dynatrace Personal:

Level-Up your Game: Get this visibility free for life with Dynatrace Personal:

If you want to give this a try but think it’s too complex or maybe not for your type of app, I suggest you check out my YouTube Tutorial Channel – – and see how to use this on Java, .NET, PHP, Web and Mobile Apps. Or simply contact me, and we figure out how Dynatrace can also work for you: Find me on Twitter @grabnerandi or signup on to get in contact with me!

Diagnostics: You want more, and we deliver it!

As great as this is, there is always a moment where you say: “But wouldn’t that be great if I could do this now?” In 2015 I was fortunate to visit many meetups, user groups and conferences around the globe, and I collected a large quantity of feedback, particularly  from our friends out there that want the same capabhilities on their Mac’s:

Feedback we collected from Meetups, User Groups and Conferences around the world

Feedback we collected from Meetups, User Groups and Conferences around the world

All of the ideas I collected from the developers, testers, architects and DevOps engineers ended up on our Dynatrace Product Idea Discussion Forum – which is managed by our Dynatrace Engineering Team.

They worked hard on the upcoming Dynatrace 6.3 release. Just last week I had the chance to give it a full test run in an internal technical session. And let me tell you, I was very pleased with what I saw.

I am even happier to announce that Dynatrace 6.3 will be made available for our Dynatrace Personal Users as well as our Early Access Customers (customers register here for the EAP program) at the beginning of 2016! On January 12 I will be doing one of my Online Performance Clinics where I will be showing how to use Dynatrace Personal on your application using the new Dynatrace 6.3 Release.

There is a long list of features and improvements but let me just highlight my favorites which I believe are most interesting for our Personal License Audience:

  • Full installer (Server, Collector, Client, Agent) for Mac
  • Full visibility into Execution Plans, Table Locks, Connection Pools on Oracle and SQL Server -> without having to have access to these DB Servers
  • Extended REST Reporting Interfaces to automate Dynatrace into your Continuous Delivery Pipeline -> I am just saying: Metrics Driven Pipeline
  • Out-of-the-Box PureLytics Data Stream into Elastic Search -> all the awesome data at your disposal in Elastic Search
  • Full user experience, production monitoring, alerting and performance reporting through our HTML5 touch-optimized Web Dashboards -> show your data off in the browser
  • And many more: Parsing HTML Response Code for Context Data; System Profile Templates; Automatic Security Certificate Deployment; Synthetic Monitoring Data (from Keynote and Dynatrace) in your Dashboards; See your F5, TIBCO, BizTalk, Middleware in the Transaction Flow.

Here are some teaser screenshots as a “late Christmas/New Year’s” present from our engineering team:

And, there is much more!

Thank you for  a great 2015! Let’s Level Up in 2016!

I want to personally thank everyone who sent me PurePaths as part of my “Share Your PurePath” program. I hope you saw the value in my free performance analysis. I also heard many great stories that I use in my blogs and presentations. The data you’ve provided is also great feedback for the engineering team currently working on automating these analysis steps as a part of the product!

Have a great year end, whether you celebrate it with family and friends, or you keep analyzing more performance problems! I hope you will join my first Online Performance Clinic in 2016 where I show you the Power of Dynatrace Personal using Dynatrace 6.3.

Frohe Weihnachten und ein gutes Neues Jahr!

Andi (@grabnerandi)

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