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Dynatrace, Pivotal and VMware have been working together since the emergence of modern cloud technologies. In fact, we’ve been establishing a solid framework for deployment in these environments, with Dynatrace full-stack monitoring for Pivotal including our latest immutable BOSH add-on, and Dynatrace’s operator in Kubernetes monitoring. 

So, it was a natural joint advancement to receive our VMware PKS Validation last week. This tightly aligns the strength of our partnerships, the credentials and value Dynatrace brings to VMware Enterprise PKS, and our commitment and teaming to providing high-performing solutions for enterprise organizations. 

Customers choose VMware Enterprise PKS because they want the flexibility to run Kubernetes everywhere. They also want assurance that complementary solutions are validated to work well with VMware Enterprise PKS.  This validation provides our mutual customers with confidence and value,” Scott Buchanan, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Cloud-Native Apps at VMware said. 

Dynatrace will be on-board with extended experience via our new VMware PKS Validation. We’ll help enable customers to increase their time-to-market with the automated monitoring of workloads at scale, and provide them with fast, AI-powered remediation.

Mike Villiger, Sr Technical Partner Manager at Dynatrace, said the VMware PKS Validation tests the mastery of extensive, various failure conditions for Kubernetes environments. The Dynatrace validation speaks directly to customers and partners; they can feel assured that everything they deploy will work properly – the knowns and unknowns – of what could happen in their environment“.  He also shared that in addition to the validation process being extremely comprehensive, VMware is also very responsive and has done a great job in terms of provisioning validation environments and authenticating the validation. 

Also, there was a lot of buzz at the recent SpringOne Platform about VMware’s Tanzu, which will allow organizations to build applications with velocity, run open-source Kubernetes with consistency, and manage entire footprints with confidence. Because PKS is a core component of Tanzu, we look at Dynatrace’s VMware PKS Validation as a synchronous step to continue to work closely together to help customers transform their digital business. 

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