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IT operations teams need instant answers to drive better business outcomes.  If they are spending time occupied with manual, error-prone tasks, this impedes productivity and value to the business.  With Dynatrace & ServiceNow Orchestration, IT can automate manual tasks and improve operational IT efficiency, increase enterprise agility, and allocate more time and expertise to providing strategic value to the enterprise.

Dynatrace uses an AI causation engine, Davis, to automatically detect performance, availability, error, and resource anomalies in your applications, services, and infrastructure.  Dynatrace detected incidences are then used to alert ServiceNow Orchestration to resolve system errors and service outages.  Once an incident is detected, it’s sent to ServiceNow, along with all the impacted CIs and the root cause.  This triggers the prescribed ServiceNow workflow that is responsible for executing remediation of the incident.

Dynatrace and ServiceNow automatically identify common application problems by triggering predefined, repeatable remediation workflows to resolve incidents immediately.

Significantly reduce MTTR Eliminate business and end user disruption Automatically map and detect incidents with CMDB/CIs Precise root cause analysis Custom auto-remediation workflows

Reduce downtime and costs.  Visit our website or install the Dynatrace ServiceNow app within your own ServiceNow environment.

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