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Welcome to the March issue of the Dynatrace Ruxit newsletter! We have some exciting news to share with you, including an improved feature set of our PHP deep monitoring and an upcoming webinar that delves into the challenges of liquid-infrastructure monitoring!

Introducing a new and improved feature set for PHP deep monitoring!
Following a successful early-access program, Dynatrace Ruxit is proud to announce new enhanced PHP deep monitoring capabilities! Get detailed database metrics, response times, code-level visibility, error analysis, and more.
Read more about our PHP deep monitoring!

Introducing Ruxit Artificial Intelligence API!
With all the recent attention paid to artificial intelligence and intelligent personal-assistants in movies, we decided to perform some AI innovation of our own using the versatile messaging-integration options provided by Ruxit to make DevOps tasks simpler.
Learn more about the Ruxit artificial intelligence API!

Upcoming webinar on Monitoring Liquid Infrastructure: Swarm, Mesos, Kubernetes, and beyond.
Want to learn more about the explosive popularity of Docker orchestration and understand how using Docker orchestration changes the way you view your applications?

Join our Senior Solutions Engineer, Peter Hack, on Tuesday, March 29 at 1:00 PM EST for the live session. Grab your spot in our upcoming webinar today!

Monitor your PostgreSQL databases!
With Ruxit enhanced PostgreSQL monitoring, you get deep visibility into the performance of your PostgreSQL databases, including the activity of your database services and individual PostgreSQL commands.
Read more about our enhanced PostgreSQL monitoring!

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Mary Nguyen

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