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Dynatrace news

New features and enhancements

Other improvements


  • Optimized OneAgent and ActiveGate installation package disk space utilization with automatic cleanup of unused ActiveGate packages and Synthetic modules.
  • SSL certificates and keys are now stored in break-line format.
  • Community invitation email content was updated to make it easier for users to get started.

Cluster Management Console

  • Chat can now also be launched from Deployment status pages.
  • Featured product news menu entries are now visible in the context of Deployment status pages.

Installation and upgrade

  • The JRE was updated to version 8u252 to take advantage of the latest security-vulnerability enhancements and bug fixes. All services will be automatically restarted during the upgrade.
  • Easier deployment of HTTPS proxy trusted certificate via --network-proxy-cert-file <path>. See installation command line parameter.

Delivered product ideas

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