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It’s a new year, and we are looking for new stories of how you are using Docker technology to do big things. Submit your cool hack, use case or deep dive sessions before the DockerCon 2017 CFP closes on January 14th.


To help with your submissions, we’ve answered the most frequent questions below and put together a list of tips to help get your proposal selected.

Q. How do I submit a proposal?

A. Submit your proposal here.

Q. What kind of talks are you looking for?

A. This year, we are looking for cool hacks, user stories and deep dive submissions:

  • Cool Hacks: Show us your cool hack and wow us with the interesting ways you can push the boundaries of the Docker stack. You do not have to have your hack ready by the submission deadline, just clearly explain your hack, what makes it cool and the technologies you will use.
  • Using Docker: Tell us first-hand about your Docker usage, challenges and what you learned along the way and inspire us on how to use Docker to accomplish real tasks.
  • Deep Dives: Propose code and demo heavy deep-dive sessions on what you have been able to transform with your use of the Docker stack. Entice your audience by going deeply technical and teach them how to do something they haven’t done.

Above all, DockerCon is a user conference and product and vendor pitches are not appropriate.

Q. What will I need to include in my submission?

A. Speaking proposals will ask for:

  • Title, the more catchy and descriptive, the better. But don’t be too cute.
  • Abstract describing the presentation. This is what gets shown in the agenda and how the audience decides if they want to attend your session.
  • Key Takeaways that communicate your session’s main idea and conclusion. This is your gift to the audience, what will they learn from your session and be able to apply when they get back to work the following week.
  • Speaker(s): expertise and summary biography
  • Suggested tags
  • Past Speaking examples
  • Recommendations of appropriate audience.

Q. How can I increase the odds of my proposal being selected?

A. Check out the following resources:

Q. How are submissions selected?

A. After a proposal is submitted, it will be reviewed initially for content and format. Once past the initial review, a committee will read the proposals and vote on best submissions. There are a limited number of speaking slots and we work to achieve a balance of presentations that will interest the Docker community.

Q. How will Speakers be compensated?

A. One speaker for every session will be given a full conference pass. Any additional speakers will be given a pass at the Early Bird rate.

Q. Will there be a Speaker room at the conference?

A. Yes, we will provide a Speaker Ready room for speakers to prepare for presentations, relax and mingle. Speakers should check in with the DockerCon 2017 speaker manager on the day of your talk in the Speaker Room and make sure you are all set for your talk.

Q. What are the important dates to remember?


  • Call for Proposals Closes – January 14, 2017 at 11:59 PST
  • All proposers notified – Late February
  • Program announced – Late February
  • Submit your proposal – Today!

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