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This week, our readers enjoyed some big Docker news, including the release of InfraKit, a toolkit for declarative infrastructure, a Windows 10 container guide, and a new open source project Image2Docker. As we begin a new week, let’s recap our top 5 most-read stories for the week of October 2, 2016:

  • InfraKit is a new declarative management toolkit for orchestrating infrastructure. InfraKit’s simple, pluggable components for a declarative infrastructure state, actively monitor and automatically reconcile that state.
  • Windows Server Container guide is designed to get setup to run Docker Windows Containers on Windows 10 or using a Windows Server 2016 VM.
  • Docs Repo On GitHub is a consolidation of all Docker documentation into a single Pages-based repository on GitHub. All documentation for Docker projects will now be open sourced for an easier than ever way to contribute to and stage the public docs.
  • Image2Docker is a new tool for prototyping Windows VM conversions to show how to replicate a VM Image to a container. The Powershell module can point at a virtual hard disk image, scan for common Windows components and suggest a Dockerfile.
  • Docker Compose Story is a tool for defining and running your multi-container Docker applications. Applications can be defined in a YAML file where all options used in `docker run` are now defined, and allows users to manage applications as a single entity versus individual containers by Ajeet Raina.

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