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AWS Transit Gateway is a service that enables customers to connect thousands of Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) and their on-premises networks using a single gateway. Customers have been enjoying the reduction in operational costs and the overall simplicity that this service brings. Still, today things got even better, with the release of two new features, AWS Transit Gateway Inter-region peering and AWS Transit Gateway Multicast .

Inter-region peering
As customers expand workloads on AWS, they need to scale their networks across multiple accounts and VPCs, customers can connect pairs of VPCs using peering or use PrivateLink to expose private service endpoints from one VPC to another. However, managing this is complicated. AWS Transit Gateway Inter-region peering addresses this and makes it easy to create secure and private global networks across multiple AWS regions. Using Inter-region peering customers can create centralised routing policies between the different networks in their organisation and simplify management and reduce costs.

All the traffic that flows through Inter-region peering is anonymized and encrypted and is carried by the AWS backbone, ensuring it always takes the optimal path between regions in the most secure way.

AWS Transit Gateway Multicast makes it easy for customers to build multicast applications in the cloud and distribute data across thousands of connected Virtual Private Cloud networks.

Multicast delivers a single stream of data to many users simultaneously. It is a preferred protocol to stream multimedia content and subscription data such as news articles and stock quotes, to a group of subscribers.

AWS is the first cloud provider to offer a native multicast solution which will enable customers to migrate their applications to the cloud and take advantage of the elasticity and scalability that AWS provides.

With this release we are introducing multicast domains in Transit Gateways. Similar to routing domains, multicast domains allow you to segment your multicast network into different domains and makes the Transit Gateway act as multiple multicast routers.

Available Now
These two new features are ready and waiting for you to try today. Inter-region peering is available in US East (N. Virginia), US East (Ohio), US West (Oregon), EU (Ireland), and EU (Frankfurt) and Multicast is available in US East (N. Virginia).

— Martin

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