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DockerCon 2017 – A Tale of Three Demos

DockerCon 2017 was three days of jam-packed action. As each day closed, I took some time to reflect with my colleagues on the hottest elements of our demos and discussions. We ended up with three solid demo videos covering key aspects of our solution for Docker environments. Auto-discovery and the power of Smartscape At previous […]

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Inside the black box — VBScript

The third topic of the “black box” series brings us to . For people interested in the first part, generated code, please click here. For the second part, Python, please click here. The first question which came to my mind when someone wanted to instrument VBScript was “Why would someone want to instrument a script?”. […]

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From 0 To DevOps in 80 Days: The Dynatrace Transformation Story!

Market disruption can spark innovation and radical change, and DevOps — as a set of best practices — has emerged from software industry disruptions. Why? Because, over the years, delivering software in many organizations has become harder, slower and more error prone. Outdated technology became a disadvantage for older, established companies competing against startups without years of […]


Diagnosing Sitecore Performance Problems

Website performance is incredibly important for most companies. This is especially true in situations where a website might be accessed by a huge number of customers within a short period of time (think Black Friday or a utility company with a widespread outage). While performance can mean different things to different people (time to first […]