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Crossing the chasm: Integration to Robotic Process Automation

Screen-scraping technology has been used for many years to speed the extraction and input of data by automating the user interface (UI) of an application. Consider a person entering data into an application. When performing manual data input, this person will enter data via the keyboard which transfers that information to fields in the UI […]

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Digital twins: IoT and the application network

A surprise awaited me as I arrived to a recent analyst briefing. My scheduled analyst, the one responsible for integration, had to cancel. His replacement was the analyst responsible for IoT. What were we going to talk about? As it turns out, quite a lot. From a conceptual perspective, the application network is all-encompassing, supporting […]

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Intelligence and the application network graph

Since our Anypoint Platform October 2018 release, you’ve likely heard us talking a lot about the application network graph. We have continued to build on this foundational release and increasingly the application network graph is driving intelligence across Anypoint Platform. Customers are looking to leverage the application network graph within their own application networks. This […]

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The application network and the service-mesh

Many customers I meet are either evaluating or beginning their implementation of microservice architectures. Some of these customers are coming off big-bang projects that have failed to replace large legacy assets. For these folks, breaking up the monolith in one-fell-swoop is too hard. Breaking it up piece-by-piece is the way to go. Microservices architectures have […]

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Microservices versus APIs

I have always been a firm believer that there is no such thing as a dumb question. Many times I have outed myself as the dumbest guy in this room with a simple question, and in the process, I hope I have been able to enlighten others. “What is the difference between an API and a […]

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Building blockchain into your application network

For those of us who work in financial services, blockchain is the most interesting technology trend to emerge in recent years. Evangelists of this technology expose the decentralized nature of blockchain, and use phrases like “world computer” to describe the promise of this technology. While it’s true that blockchain has revolutionary potential, it’s important at […]

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How to Build a Golden Customer API

Larry Ellison once said that a “CRM provides a 360-degree view of your customer, provided you don’t care about getting paid.” This quip was intended to ward off new threats to the dominance of ERP. Many organizations, having implemented GL and ERP, were dipping their toes in the CRM waters––particularly service heavy industries, such as […]

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The Composite Bank

Although we hear a lot about robots replacing jobs, most businesses are already well down the path of automation. Moving forward, businesses will continue to leverage advances in automation technology. However, the new frontier of competitiveness has shifted to product and service innovation. Success on this front goes to those able to create customer experiences […]