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Depending on your Internet access and speed, ActiveGate update may take a long time, and the installer may appear to have stopped responding even though the installation is in progress.

Do not cancel ActiveGate update for Windows

Let the update process finish. If you cancel while the new version is still downloading, you will not have any working ActiveGate installation on this host.


If you canceled the ActiveGate update and unintentionally removed the ActiveGate installation from your host:

Make a copy of the content of the C:ProgramDatadynatracegatewayconfig folder.
This folder contains configuration files or backups of configuration files from the removed ActiveGate.

Install ActiveGate with the old configuration files still in the C:ProgramDatadynatracegatewayconfig folder.

Verify that the old configuration files have been included in the current ActiveGate configuration files.
If they are not, manually copy selected settings from your backup to the current ActiveGate configuration files.

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